Lets Talk with Kate and Alexa: February episode: Senior painting spots

Lets Talk with Kate and Alexa: February episode: Senior painting spots

Kate weieneth and Alexa Teckenburg

 Hi guys welcome back to Lets Talk with Kate and Alexa, in todays written episode we will be talking about senior painting spots. If you don’t know what senior painting spots are continue reading to know more information, as well as other administrations and schools thoughts on it.

Senior spots are a long running tradition for some schools, its a fun thing for students to look forward to through high school. Whoever chooses to do these senior spots, as a senior of course, gets to choose a specific parking spot and let their creative juices flow onto these spots by painting them. Through the whole year they get the liberty of parking in this spot and no one else can park in it.

Our school does not do this, so we decided to interview some principles from Winterset, Ballard and Earlham, as well as some ADM students, the questions we asked each person were based on why they decided to do it, and if they will continue this tradition and if they liked it in the end.


Ballard High school Principle. Chris Deason:

We first looked into this in the fall of 2020 as students came back from COVID. We knew students were going to be wearing masks, and we wanted to do whatever we could to make it fun. After doing it the first year, it took off students looked forward to it and it became very popular. This has really become a tradition for our seniors. We have a list of expectations we send out to them as well as a deadline to have the spots painted. If students are willing to do it, and they can do it in an appropriate manner I am all for it. “Will you continue to do it to next years seniors?” At this time yes, I really like the spots they are very creative and have done a really good job. The students have taken great pride in doing them

“I think it is a great way to help with a positive school culture”

Earlham High school Principle: Jen Knight

I have been trying to get this in place for the past five years to be something extra special for our seniors, but also guarantee them a spot up close to the school. Many of our seniors have work release or work study and i just felt that they should not have to park in the overflow lot for their final year. i also thought it would be a cool way for seniors to express themselves by what they chose to paint for their space. I love this idea of this, the seniors have enjoyed it as well as their parents. we have had people from the community drive by to look at the spaces. it was also a neat bonding experience for the seniors because they had specific days and times to paint them. I will absolutely be continuing this. This year it will be easier because i can meet with the juniors and get them the paper work they need so they can paint the spots in early summer instead of early august like this year.

Winterset High school Principle: Cam Smith

I have some mixed feelings on this topic. I am not a big fan of “reserved” parking, unless handicapp etc. I typically operate on a first come first serve basis when it comes to parking. There are many potential issues that can arise with reserved parking. I also understand that this is a privileges and a fun thing that seniors enjoy having. This can definitely serve as a fun reward for seniors as well as a way to show off school pride. This decision to not continue this for 22-23 school year was based off of the feedback I received. the feedback I received was that there were a lot of issues during the 21-22 school year. yes I will consider this for the future, we need to improve our system and put things in place to address some of the issues that we previously had.


Now to ask some ADM students:

Delaney Kahler: I think it would be fun and a great fundraiser but you have to also think about the curb appeal

Zach Lohmann and Drew Hickey: Yes this would be so much fun and I would love if we got to do this

Celie Gardiner: I think that would be cool, because some people can get together and start painting, and be fun bonding. Why not:)

Elle Weieneth: It would help with parking spots and just be creative and a fun idea



¨Having a senior parking spot is very very worth it for a couple reasons. First of all, because no matter what during these school hours everyday no matter the time you show up you always have a spot guaranteed. This also lets you express some thing about you and what you enjoy, and a little priority with being a senior and a reward making it to the senior year. I personally think this is one of the best senior rewards, and think everyone should have an opportunity to do this as only in Highschool once¨.(Earlham Senior)