A Song From Home


ADM recently started preparing a piece called “Naiman Sharag” in honor of May, a foreign exchange student from Mongolia. The song imitates the sound of horses running, with the sound “du ru, du ru, du ru…” throughout the country side which May said, “reminds me of home because if you know Mongolia there are horses everywhere you look.” 

When asked if ADM had embraced her culture she said “Definitely. I feel so welcomed immediately with the Mongolian flag in the commons. I feel so thankful for the ADM community and teachers that have embraced my culture. Mrs. Cassel could have just looked at me and thought ‘She’s from a different country, she barely knows the words and doesn’t know the notes’ but instead she took time to teach me and help me.” 

In Mongolia there is no choir or any music class offered, so when May got to America she was very exited to be able to do something she loved as a class in school. 

“I’ve always had a huge passion for singing, but it was more just something I did in my free time.” 

May has taken all the opportunities she gets to sing with others. She in involved in Jazz Choir, theatre, and a small ensemble