A Review of The Great Gatsby


 This is a book review of The Great Gatsby. Although we had to read Gatsby for English three, I think it also warrants its own review. I quite like reading The Great Gatsby. It’s the kind of book that if you took time to think about it, and really went in-depth, it would give you that depth back, but also if you just wanted to read a fun little tale about the 1920s, it’s there. Gatsby touches on topics like wealth. The main character jay Gatsby is very very rich. Throughout the book, he’s a very mysterious character. You don’t really know what he’s like until the narrator, Nick, does. My thoughts on the great Gatsby are quite mixed. Well, I enjoyed the book thoroughly, I also quite liked all the depth included in the symbolism and character. As we read the great Gatsby in school, I started to notice more and more things about the book, I would stay after class to talk to Miss Bedard about them. while the great Gatsby may be an old book, it is still very much so relevant in today’s society. If there is so much emphasis on wealth and popularity, many of us end up like Gatsby. Alone the great Gatsby teaches things like how if you’re still stuck in the past, you will never be able to go anywhere with your future. In the book, Gatsby host these elaborate parties. Flaunting his wealth just to attract one person. one person from his past that he could not let go of.  well, I will not reveal what the symbolism is in the book, I will say that it is very impressive. How F Scott Fitzgerald fits it all together. There are moments in the book are you reading and you sit there and think for a second and it just blows your mind how it all fits together how everything that happened relates to what will happen. F Scott Fitzgerald is a very talented author, he was able to touch on topics that many people have a hard time writing about and he wrote about it in a way that was accessible and intriguing. His use of symbolism is truly an art. I definitely recommend reading or re-reading the Great Gatsby. And, although it’s a required book for English three, I think everybody should read it on their own time. Not many books make me sit there and think for a long while after I finish them. But the Great Gatsby did that. After I finished a chapter, I would have to sit there and process what I had just read. The more I think about it, the better, and better the book the great Gatsby becomes.  My only wish is that they would’ve included more detail. There are a lot of things that I wish F Scott Fitzgerald had dived deeper into, I described more of, had added more detail. I think, for a book of that time, was revolutionary. And it makes just the same impact today as it did it 100 years ago.