What to Expect from Tiger Football as We Move to 4A Next Year


Sadly, the Tiger Football season has wrapped up to an end. But, many would argue we had an outstanding run this 2022 season. Making it to the UNI-Dome for the first time since 2011 is a big accomplishment for all players and coaches to be proud of. However, the question still stands: what will the 2023 season look like as we move into the 4A conference?

I asked a couple of players and coaches to give me their honest feelings and concerns. This is how it went:

Garrison Carter, Head Coach: “We’re excited about making the transition to 4A next season. If you’re competitive you want to compete against the best competition week in and week out.”

Randy Schrader, Assistant Head Coach: “I believe the success we are having this year prepares us to move to the next level. We will continue to do things in the off-season that we need to do, stay in the weight room. It should be competitive.”

Chris Rupe, Defensive Coordinator: “Current enrollment trends show a high likelihood of our football program making the transition to 4A next year.  As a program, we have made steps to help prepare for this transition, including platooning our players, expanding the coaching staff, and increasing participation numbers.  In order to continue to be a successful program we will have to continue to involve more and more stakeholders in our program (players, coaches, and community members).  As always the recruitment, retention, and development of our student-athletes will be at the forefront. ”

Aiden Flora, varsity QB: “I think that it is going to be a chance to show how great ADM football is, and what improvement we’ve made to be as successful as we are.”

Caleb Oberhoffer, varsity OL:  “I think it’s a good step for us because we already excel a lot as a program already, and we will have a lot more competition and close games. If you’ve looked at our schedule we’ve already blown out every single person, or had a great lead. I think it will be good for us and allow us to grow as a team.”

Talan Guile, varsity SS: “I think it’s going to be some good competition for our school. I think we will be able to handle the change and still do just as well as we normally do. I think it’s good for our school because we are growing in size and a lot more people are coming out for football. I’m gonna enjoy the ride with the team next year in 4A.”

Sounds like we’ll see you next year, UNI-Dome.