Book Review: The Fear by Natasha Preston


Photo by Jorja Janssen

Natasha Preston, author of best-selling books The Cabin and The Cellar released another suspenseful book. The Fear was released in March of 2022. Preston is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and writes a lot of suspenseful mystery books that are guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

Preston’s latest book, The Fear, was an instant New York Times and USA Today bestseller. The book takes place in Rock Bay, a small fishing town where everyone knows everybody’s business. Izzy has lived in this town her whole life. It’s the perfect, friendly town. Until the viral meme–What’s your biggest fear?–was posted. No one knows who posted it and no one knows why but nobody thinks anything of it. Until Izzy’s classmates start turning up dead, dying the way they said that scared them most.

WARNING: spoiler written below.

After a party, Izzy drives her friend Syd and her cousin Miyah home. On their way home a snowstorm starts to hit, and all of a sudden Izzy sees something in the snow. It’s Debbie, and she’s dead, the first victim of The Fear. As each body is found Izzy entangles herself more in finding the killer. But who would do this in a small fishing town where everyone is kind and gets along? Izzy has many suspects but her main focus, Axel.

Axel is the school loner, the boy whose parents left him. His cousin Tristan keeps defending him saying that he wouldn’t be capable of killing someone, but Izzy isn’t so sure. The more she finds out, the more the evidence points to Axel. But is Axel really the killer or is someone else out to get some revenge?

Preston’s book, The Fear, is a great quick read. All of her books make you want to keep reading but especially this one. As each death keeps hitting closer to Izzy she finds herself twisted up in finding the killer. Izzy feels hopelessly lost as each death brings new and different evidence. What Izzy doesn’t know is that the killer is closer to her than she thought.

you can find this book at the ADM High School library, or at any store you get your books at.