Aukes: Individuality

The news room is full of very different people. The second you walk in you are greeted by band kids, FFA students, movie lovers, choir kids, book worms, speech kids, foriegn exchange students, bakers, and even a student who’s not even in the class. We are a very diverse bunch. Though it doesn’t seem like it would work, the class blends together perfectly. We work together like clockwork. I’ve never seen a class do what this class does. News journalism somehow promotes the individuality of its students while pushing them together to make one big happy family.
Through my time in news, I’ve grown so much as a person. I’ve strayed away from the norm in so many different ways. I would contribute my growth to a lot of things, but one of the main contributing factors would have to be news journalism. This class asks you to go above and beyond, stretching out of your comfort zone to publish your thoughts and opinions onto a very public site. This made me very scared when I was a junior. I didn’t anyone to read what I published. But I slowly began to publish more and more, and I grew in my ability as I did. Now, I get excited to publish. I come up with stories, and publish them all within the same day. Finding an individual thought is a beautiful thing, and it should be published. News journalism is a must take class for anyone who wants to put their voice into the world, but is too shy to. Within a month, you’ll find yourself and your individuality and you won’t be able to stop writing.
Finally, I don’t think it would be right to leave the class without saying one last affirmation to all of my amazing peers that helped me become the person I am today.

Haley: You have such an amazing spunk about you. Your energy is enough to light up a room, and I can tell you are going to do such great things with your life. Keep commanding the room. It’s what you do best. And please never stop making TikToks. They are always hilarious to watch.
Brookelyn: I will never understand how someone can love male pop stars as much as you do. But something I do understand is that you make listening to a rant about the Jonas Brothers fun. Every class always has a new plan, activity, story, or twist that you want to take. You keep life interesting, and I can tell you are going to live a good one. Keep it up 🙂
Dominic: I’ve learned so much about the Marvel Universe from you. I really enjoy watching you get an idea for a story that you’re really passionate about. You always start writing right away. Fill your life with exciting things. I’m sure you will find ways to keep it interesting.
Taylor: You and I didn’t know each other that well at the start of the year, but I am so glad you took this class. We have grown in our unlikely friendship, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Have a great time learning how to dye hair, and you will definitely see me in the salon from time to time. You will be great.
Rebecca: FFA was never my thing. In fact, I have told you on multiple occasions that I am terrified of interacting with the FFA kids because it seems scary. Somehow, you bridge that gap, and make it so much better. You are the coolest soils kid ever. Thank you again for everything you have taught me about bees. Go make some honey Beeman.
Keto: The likelihood of you reading this is so small. I wanted to make sure that you had an affirmation anyway, well, because you deserve it. I was always wary of making friends with foriegn exchange students, because I didn’t want to lose my friend at the end of the year. But let me tell you, the year of our friendship was so worth it. You brought smiles and an amazing attitude to news every single day, and I am so happy that you will be a journalist some day.
Gwyn: Though you weren’t here for long, you made such a big impact on every single person on staff. The second you left, we all asked where you went. I will miss your happy attitude, and your amazing baking. Speaking of which, please open a bakery some day. I will visit.
Beth: I don’t even know what to say that would make this goodbye better. You have become my favorite teacher over the two years we’ve had together. You’ve helped me through my bad days, and made my good days even better. Honestly, all I can say here is that you are the kind of teacher that people remember when they’re old. I can for sure say that I will. The impact you’ve made on my life is incredible, and I’m just so glad I took your class.

That’s all I’ve got. So yeah, take news. You’ll leave a changed person. You won’t regret it.

Goodbye ADM.