Evans: Capturing a Moment

Being a student Journalist has taught me many things over the past two years. I never saw myself as a journalist before this class and now it has become something that I might pursue beyond my years at ADM. The thing I will remember the most about being a journalist is how to capture a moment. A picture, through words, or video, it’s all moments that have been captured and that is my favorite thing about being a journalist. As I go through life I want to continue to capture moments to share with the people around me.

I used to be someone who flew under the radar and never really spoke up. Through this class, I have found my voice and been able to use it to share special moments with other people.
My days at ADM have come to an end, but the things I learned in this class and the memories I have made with the people around me are something I will hold onto for a very long time after graduation.

Through being a student journalist I have learned the importance of deadlines even when it is hard, people want to hear what stories you have to share and when it comes to timely news it is even more important to get that out on time. There were times when I fell behind my deadlines and things got very stressful, this skill of time management is going to become increasingly important as I move on to the next part of my life and I am glad that I was able to gain experience with that through this class.

There were so many moments I got to help share through being a student journalist, from the Friday Flash to Student of the Month Stories, reviews, and podcasts, it was all little moments that I was able to capture, and I don’t want to lose this ability to capture these kinds of moments as I move on to college. Even if I don’t become a major journalist one day my hope is that in some way I can capture more moments not just to share with the people around me but also for myself. To remember what I have experienced and all I have been through.

I want to credit my success in this class to Mrs.Basinger for always believing in me to get my stories out and helping me along the way. This class allowed me to gain experience with video editing which is something that I have had an interest in but never pursued. Mrs.B was there every time I needed help to guide me through the next steps and ensure everything was published correctly. Beyond helping with classwork she was also someone I could go to to talk when I needed to get something off my chest and I hope that everyone finds themself someone like Mrs.B in their life. Every day at the end of class she would say two things “Have a great day, be great today.” Those small words repeated every day did have an impact and I will always remember that when I need a little motivation in life.

The last thing is I want to encourage everyone to find a way to use their voice and capture moments because life is way too short to let it pass by. Whether your strengths lie in writing, photography, or whatever it is find a way to capture the little moments in your life. Being a student journalist allowed me to find this passion and I am forever grateful for the opportunities I was given by taking this class. Go out into the world and capture all the little moments, you won’t regret it.