Harry’s House: A Review


Harry’s House. The Album. Out Now.

Harry Styles’ highly anticipated third studio album has finally dropped. Styles released “Harry’s House” on May 20th and I personally have listened to it nonstop for the past week. Styles attributes this album to his fans for giving him a platform, he also touched on in recent interviews how this album got him through quarantine days the past year and a half with the pandemic going on. Styles was supposed to go on tour for his “Fine Line” album, which dropped in late 2019, but those tour dates got postponed due to Covid. This left the artist with quite a bit of time on his hands and so “Harry’s House” came to be. While this was pretty impossible to rank the songs I am going to go through my favorites and along the way touch on some unique elements of Harry’s new music. One thing that is so different about this album is the order of the songs. Rarely do I listen to an album from start to finish, I’ll either put it on shuffle or have one or two favorites that I listen to over and over. With “Harry’s House” though, the order in which the album plays just seems so right and is simply perfect.

1. My number one spot goes to track number 9- “Daydreaming” I love this song with every organ in my body. It is everything, from the way it starts, and the trumpets in the background? Yes harry, give us all the instruments. The beat is intoxicating and just makes you want to get up and dance. This song is driving with your windows down, summer love, and for the people who romanticize the little things in life. I’m obsessed with the music in this song, the claps, everything. it is contagious I love his voice and this song is too good.

2. “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”. Track number one on the album and let me tell you, Harry just knows how to start an album. “Golden” is the first track on his album “Fine Line” and is also a complete hit. The first time I listened to “Sushi Restaurant” I had to pause the song like four times because I simply did not know what was going on. Everything about this song has me hooked it is an absolute masterpiece. It feels like a new different vibe for Harry but in the best way.

3. “Love of My Life”. Here’s why I love this song so much. Back in April, Harry Styles Headquarters released a teaser video for his album drop. A little while later the “you are home” Instagram account that was affiliated with Harry and released tweets daily teasing lyrics and other hints about the album posted a tweet that said, “a familiar soundtrack played in reverse”. Fans got curious¬† about what this could mean which led to reversing the audio of the teaser video and sure enough it sounded like something promising. Fast forward to album release day and sure enough the reversed audio from the album teaser video is the background music to the final track on the album “Love of My Life” and this song is so beautiful it just gives me chills every time I listen.

4. My number four spot goes to “Satellite”. The more I listen to this song the more I love it. The build,¬† the sound, everything. I just know this song would hit so hard to see live in concert and that is my dream.

5. “Late Night Talking”. LOVE this song. its so much fun and harry is a genius for playing it at Coachella because it is totally giving festival, dancing, night out vibes. i was dying to hear the studio version of this song seconds after he played it at Coachella in April.

6. Number six we have “Keep Driving”. This song is so lyrically beautiful. Excellent song writing and just an overall good song to listen to. It is also giving windows down listening and I love that especially with summer around the corner.

7. “Cinema”. This song is so good, my favorite part is the ending with this whole layered repeat effect it is super cool and different.

8. “As It Was”, this was the only single released before the whole album so when I tell you this song has been on repeat since April 1st and I am not yet sick of it is really saying something. The first time I heard the bridge in this song I could not even contain myself and I just love this whole song.

9. “Grapejuice”. I honestly was expecting this song to give the same vibes as “Watermelon Sugar” from “Fine Line” but it is the complete opposite. Listening to it makes me think of driving through the countryside, farmers markets Saturday’s, and sunshine. Also the way he starts the song with him whispering “one, two, three” was really a jump scare when I heard it for the first time but it is so iconic.

10. Coming in spot number 10 I have “Daylight”. No complaints with this song I really love it a lot just like every other song on the album. I would rank them all number one if that was a thing.

11. “Boyfriends”. Let me tell you about this song. When you start the song there is a weird little sound at the beginning, but heres the thing, if you reverse the beginning audio it is actually the words “you’re back at it again” which is also the last line of the song. The song basically is about the cycle of a toxic relationship and not being able to break that cycle so if you listen to the song in a loop it will say you’re back at it again at the beginning and the end signifying that you are never able to get out of this cycle with a person because you always go back to them. I don’t know how Harry thought of this whole reverse audio thing but I love it.

12. “Little Freak”. Kind of like with “Grapejuice” I was expecting this one to be one of the upbeat ones on the album and that is absolutely not the case it is actually heart wrenching. I love the lyrics I love his voice, solid 10/10 song.

13. And lastly “Matilda”. Also no complaints about this song it just wasn’t one of my favorites. It definitely depends on the person because I know some people have balled their eyes out to this song so you may want tissues handy.

That concludes my ranking on “Harry’s House”, like I said it was so hard to put them in order of favorite to least favorite because I love them all, this is definitely one of my favorite albums ever released so thank you to the one and only Harry Styles, keep making music we all love.