Fine Arts Student of March – Alexa Seidl


Alexa Seidl is February’s Fine Arts Student of the Month. She is a junior this year. During those years, she was very active. She was involved in so many activities, such as: Soccer, track, volleyball, speech, student council, Ntts, Tiger Ambassadors, Yearbook. Those activities have taught her how to be a good leader through communications, encouragement and effort. She says “They have shown me the impact of working hard whether it is through training for a sport or practicing my speeches for how it is at a time.” The main secret of her, how she does all of those things, is one word – Balancing. 

  As a Fine Arts activity she has held Yearbook, Large group Speech – TV News and Choral reading and also Individual Speech – Pros and Exposition. Alexa recommends everyone to participate in fine art activities, because it means to have fun, to interact with so many people, stay positive and smile a lot. 

On the question, what does being Fine Arts Student of the month mean to you, she answered – “ It means being recognized for the hard work I have been putting in the past few months.” The reason for her having this honor, is that Alexa is passionate about the Fine Art Programs she is in. As she says, she works hard to improve herself and the people around her are always giving her motivation and creating a positive environment.