What It Feels Like to Drink a Red Bull

Chris Aukes // As told to Gwyneth Schmidt

The energy intensifies. Caffeine is coursing through my veins. My body feels like it’s going to explode. I take another sip, the sour liquid bubbles on my tongue. I wait for the happiness to wash over me. My legs start to jitter, I can’t sit still. I can feel every nerve ending in my body, each one alive with fire. A mixture of addiction and adrenaline moves through me. 

I drink Red Bulls when I’m tired. The effect they have on my body isn’t good, yet it’s become a craving. I started drinking them at the end of my Freshman year which, thinking back now, was way too young to be putting that into my body. They slowly become an addiction because they make you happy and feel alive. The neurons in my brain feel like they are firing all at once, the words spilling out of my mouth. The cheesy smile on my face indicates the power I feel restrained in my body. Yet, after feeling at the top of the world, I know that in a few hours I won’t be able to keep my eyes open. The rollercoaster ride that your mind goes on is insane. One second you feel like you could do anything, then you swing the other way. Anxiety and panic are side-effects of the Redbull, yet it doesn’t make me stop. I know the detriments on my body are terrible, my heart begs me to put an end to my dependency, but it feels like it’s worth it.

The feeling in itself is an experience that is unique. It’s one that can be enjoyable and people should know what it feels like. But, maturity is needed inorder to take the precautions to keep your body safe. I shouldn’t have started drinking them at such a young age. Now that I’m older, it’s something fun to do or treat myself with on occasion. The flavor add-ons are amazing: pear, cherry, orange, raspberry—my favorite. I’ve become more self-aware of what my body feels like and I know my limits with Red Bulls, but they still fill up every inch of my body with fuel that’s invigorating and exhilarating.