Why You Should Get a Job


Photo by mgstanton

Why you should get a job for the summer, or for the entire school year.

As we get older, many new and shiny goods catch our eyes. We want to buy new clothes, get gas to see our friends, buy new cars, and other things. But how are we supposed to afford all these luxuries without a steady source of income? Simple solution: get a job.

New friends
With new jobs come new co-workers. And these co-workers tend to turn out to be great friends! When you become friends with your coworkers, you can mutually understand the struggles of your job, take each other’s shifts, and you can hang out before and after work.

Great income
When you apply for a job, make sure you ask about the pay before you accept the job. If you get a job with great pay, you don’t have to work as many hours, or you can work tons of hours and save money. And with this money, comes those luxuries that I previously mentioned.

Something to do
Do you often find yourself bored on a weeknight with nothing to do? It’s common for teenagers. So why not make some money at an easy job instead of laying around doing nothing?

With jobs, come perks. Often, jobs want to reward their employees for all their hard work. And they do this through discounted, or even free items. At a restaurant, you might get free food. At a clothes store, you might get a couple of discounted clothes a month. These discounts apply to almost every job you can apply to. There are no downsides.

Getting a job comes with so many pros. From money to friends, teens everywhere could benefit in some way by looking into applying for a job. Alright… I’m gonna go clock on.

If you need help applying to jobs, just go to one of these sites: Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Job.com, or LinkedIn.