Five Things You Should do This Summer to Make You Feel Like You’re in a Teen Coming-of-Age Movie


Photo by Creative Commons

Five ways to feel like you’re in a teen coming-of-age film.

Teen coming of age films are full of moments that make you wish you were a part of the cast. Well, guess what? You can have those moments, without the struggle of finding time to film. Just try one of the things on this list, and fall in love with the “coming of age” lifestyle.

#1 Go to goodwill and buy fancy dresses
Goodwill dresses are scarily cheap and often come in many varieties. From prom to wedding, you can’t go wrong with buying a good quality dress for under $30. Once you have the dress, consider turning some heads. Maybe get dressed up with a friend and go to McDonald’s, or play on a playset in gowns. This idea gives you a good laugh, and for cheap!

#2 Go skating
If you haven’t tried skating, I highly recommend it. Pick up a friend’s skateboard (or longboard for those that want to go long distances) and learn how to ride it. If you’re feeling adventurous, look up how to do some tricks to impress your friends. Also, it’s really easy to skate to get ice cream from Billy’s. Consider that too.

#3 Dye your hair
Seriously. Do it. It’s just hair, and there are little, to no downsides of changing it up for summer. Bonus points if you get a friend to help you dye it. If you do dye it, be sure to look up ways to take care of dyed hair to ensure that you don’t lose the color too soon!

#4 Play truth or dare with only the dares
Have you ever played boring truth or dare? What made it boring? I’ll tell you. Everyone asked for “truths.” Now, play a round of truth or dare with only the dares. Don’t be afraid to make it crazy. I would suggest things like: “clip a clothespin to a random stranger,” or “change seats at the next red-light.”

#5 Sunset screaming
This title sounds dumb, but it’s the best thing on this list. The next time the sun is setting, and you have good music playing, roll down the windows. Turn on your favorite song to sing, and make it loud. Then, scream along with it. Who cares if you get the notes right? Sunset screaming always gives me a boost of happiness, even if I’m having a terrible day. Just try it.