My Top 10 Extracurricular Activities/ Classes You Should Join in High School

Just some of the honors and accomplishments due to being involved in some of these activities.Highly decorated participation and awards on the letter is just one reason to be involved in high school.

Photo by Callie Hazel

Just some of the honors and accomplishments due to being involved in some of these activities.Highly decorated participation and awards on the letter is just one reason to be involved in high school.

In this list you are bound to be interested in at least one of these activities. There is something for every single person in this complied list of activities, and each one will enrich both your high school experience and your future. At ADM there are tons of opportunities to join in and be more involved. If you are in at least one of these activities I can guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Without further ado, Here is my Top 10 Extracurricular Activities/ Classes You Should Join at ADM High School:

  1. Speech- By far one of the most underrated programs at this school. It is not standing at a podium and talking like most people assume; speech is performing, and acting, and using every type of skill a good speaker needs. It is a close-nit group, and everyone is very supportive and collaborative, even though it is one of the largest teams at ADM. Most valuable skills are: confidence, work ethic, teamwork, and creativity. I rank speech as number one because there are multiple events and there is something for everyone involved, and speaking is a necessary skill for life, might as well have a lot of fun doing it.
  2. Sports Team- sports teams are a great way to meet and get closer with new people. Plus they keep you in shape and hold you accountable. Most valuable skills are: athleticism, leadership, teamwork, and accountability. Ranked at number two because most people are interested in at least 1 sport, and it is a great atmosphere to be a part of no matter what team you join.
  3. Drama- The theater puts on 2 shows per year, fall and spring. There is a cast, a crew, and a pit. Cast are the performers, crew is all backstage and lights, and pit plays music as an ensemble down below the stage. Each role has an important part to play. Personally, I joined my junior year and I wish I had been involved since I started high school. You gain relationships you may have never had and you work with your talented peers to create something magical for your audience.
  4. News Journalism or Yearbook Staff- A collaborative staff and class all while getting DMACC credits. Both use photography, and attend events and conduct exclusive interviews. One of the best ways to get involved in the school and the student body. Also availability to get into Quill and Scroll  international honorary society for high school journalists, which looks good on college applications, especially if you are interested in going into a similar field as journalism or stylistic writing. This honor also gets you a blue and gold cord at graduation. Most valuable skills: teamwork, curiosity, investigative, creativity, and accountability.
  5. Managing A Sports Team- It may seem unimportant, but it is a lot of fun, and a great way to be a part of a program even if it’s only on the sidelines. Personally, I have managed football for 3 years of high school, and I loved every minute of it. Plus there is scholarship opportunities and looks really good on college applications. Most valuable skills are: organization, leadership, and accountability. I ranked this at number 4 because I have a lot of positive experiences linked with managing and it has helped me develop my leadership skills and helped me learn to be a better teammate even from behind the scenes.
  6. National Honors Society- this group is a highly selective and it requires you to excel in scholarship, leadership, activities, and service. Overall they are looking for well-rounded candidates involved in various activities. After induction, you help with school blood drives, and other various service projects. It is a great way to get involved and show off what an exceptional student you are. Most valuable skills: Leadership, caring, poise, accountability, and citizenship.
  7. Student Council- This group plans activities and events for the whole school, and a great way to contribute ideas behind the scenes. Another great leadership opportunity and looks great on college applications as a student leader. Meetings happen in the morning before school and occasionally during power hours. Most valuable skills include leadership, dedication, communication, and collaboration.
  8. Jazz Choir/ Jazz Band- These groups are like an extension of choir and or band. You need to be in band or choir to be involved in these groups. There is two groups for the Jazz choirs there is a varsity group; Amp, and a Jv group; Good Vibes. Both groups go to competitions at other schools and perform for ratings. Jazz Band also competes at competitions and performs at ADM as well. Most valuable skills include dedication, effort, confidence, and leadership.
  9. FCA- (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is a great group that comes together to learn more about God, and Faith. There are guest speakers and always snacks. There isn’t a huge time commitment, they meet every other Monday night. Overall it is just a fun way to stay invested, and have that extra push to stay on track with your faith, and in school, sports, and extra curricular activities. Though it is called Fellowship of Christian Athletes, you don’t have to play a sport to be involved. Most Valuable skills are: fellowship, empathy, curiosity, and self- reflection. This is lower on the list because it is more of a minor club, but it’s purpose is doing huge things for those involved, and it’s impact is anything but small.
  10. FFA- (Future Farmers of America) Large group of students are involved in FFA here at ADM, and you have to be in an agriculture class to be involved. There are events this group goes to like National Convention, Leadership Evaluation Events,  and Career Development Events. With those events you work with students from a lot of other schools. It is similar to the 4-H program with showing animals. Most valuable skills: leadership, hands- on experience in the agricultural field, becoming more sociable and have better communicating skills. This is geared towards those who are involved with agriculture, so it is smaller variety for interest fields but it is a great group to be involved in.

These activities have made me a more well-rounded individual and diverse within my skill sets. I have gained deeper relationships with my peers and my coaches. I know that because I participated in some of these activities or classes that I will not have regrets leaving high school. Without these experiences I know my life would have been a lot duller, and I cannot thank those enough who made these special for me. I strongly encourage you to go forth in High School with no fear of trying new things, because they may be the best thing you ever do in high school.