February Kiwanis Student of the Month: Jacob Derifield


Smoothly leaning against the wall, senior Jacob Derifield has his picture taken for the Kiwanis Student of the Month.

Jacob Derifield, son of Joel and Samantha Derifield, has been nominated as one of the Kiwanis Students of the Month. He has a fantastic GPA of 3.9, which he has worked hard to maintain throughout his high school career. His three favorite classes in high school include AP Chem, because he loves chemistry and wants to make a career out of it, Algebra 2, because he loves critical thinking and math, and Government, as he loves learning about the US Government. 

As well as his scholastic efforts, he volunteers at his church on a regular basis. Instead of pursuing a college degree, Derifield has decided to go into the Navy as a nuclear engineer. 

For his advice to others, Derifield said to “work hard, be organized, and have grit. Be better than the challenges that you face.” Being honored as a student of the month is an honor to him, but he has absolutely no idea as to why he has been given this achievement.  

In honor of his achievements, the Kiwanis of Adel has donated $50 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.