Hindsight 2020


My sisters and I stand in front of the lake in Grand Lake, Colorado, the day before 2021.

2019 seems like an eternity ago. Remember the feeling we all had before going into 2020? Remember the hope and the dreams of starting a new decade, one that had so much promise? We all said corny phrases, like, “I have 2020 vision!” or “2020 will be my year!” and such. Funny, I haven’t heard anyone say that phrase this year. 


I remember where my 2020 started. I was in a small mountain town in Colorado called Grand Lake. Every year, the town presents a beautiful fireworks display at exactly 12 am to welcome in the new year. I am good friends with a family that vacations up there with us, mostly with a young teen named Mathew. Matthew probably cursed us, because as the fireworks display came to a conclusion in the biting cold, I looked over and saw that he was now shirtless and waved his shirt above his head, screaming in jubilance. I was honestly in shock, because it was in the negatives, and everyone else I could see was bundled up as much as they could. So obviously, I did the only thing I could think of when I saw that: I took a video. 


One of the social media sites that I frequent daily (mostly for the memes) is Reddit, and on one of the first days of 2020, I heard about someone named Solomani, and that Trump had killed him, and that Iran was very angry. We now welcome the first event that happened in 2020: World War 3! The tensions were high between nations, and I, like many teens throughout the nation, was afraid of a military draft. It consumed my mind until it stopped showing up on the news and meme forums, and I was able to breathe. For a little bit. 


I was also aware of this tiny, new virus that showed up in China. Parents and teachers assured me that it would not be a big deal and that it won’t reach the states. Welp. Come the week before spring break, (which was probably one of the most dangerous weeks to be an ADM student because there were, like, 5 fights in 4 days), and tensions were at an all-time high. Everyone looked forward to spring break. But, unknown to us, we would be getting the LONGEST BREAK EVER. I went back to Grand Lake, and when I was there? The nation declared a state of national emergency, and schools would be closed. Sweet, right? WRONG. School suddenly became pointless, and I found that sleeping until 12 was waking up early. I mean, as well as school, I began working for 24- 30 hours a week. I still don’t know how I had the willpower to do that, like today, I didn’t even want to type. 


Another thing that I did during corona time was focus specifically on music. I began to take guitar and piano lessons and specialized in vocal music. My skills grew exponentially, and I even made All-State for individual musical theater. I met with Dr. Brandon Hendrickson, and I even became his student as well, so I guess you could say that 2020 was a great time of personal growth for me.  


Another period of personal growth for me was during the BLM protests. When it first started, I was enthusiastic about joining the cause, but then I decided to read more into the protests. I didn’t support the riots, but I supported the protests 100 percent. In fact, if I hadn’t been working all of the time, I would have attended one of the protests. It was a great time to think about white privilege and all of that other fun stuff during that time. 


Then, we went back to school. I was really excited to start my senior year and even better! I got to cover half of my face! YES! And the first semester was pretty good. I made All-State again, but this time with friends! I continued to sing and play on my guitar, and I even was on the worship team for, basically, every week. That was pretty exhausting, but still fun. I also spent a ton of money on guitar gear that I definitely needed (even though my parents said that I didn’t!), and did the play. And I honestly don’t remember a lot of the year, because I have been really busy.


My 2020 ended where it began: Grand Lake, Colorado. I think that it was really cool how it all came full circle! I even saw some old friends that I had really missed, and I caught them in a coincidence. I got to work as the head usher at the local theater (that was the first theater I professionally performed in) and saw the show. It was really cool because it was the first crowd that was allowed into the theater. 


12 am finally came, and the fireworks began. Hundreds watched in masks in the biting cold to say goodbye to the worst year in history. I felt like I wanted to cry. It seemed like it was the perfect conclusion to the worst story: I entered the year inexperienced and unknowing, but I exited the year feeling fulfilled and full. 2021, here’s to you!


*Raises a cup of grape juice.