What to Watch Over Holiday Break: Netflix

A perfect time to curl up with some hot cocoa and binge watch.


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6 Netflix Shows to Binge Over Break

As we all know, this year’s holiday break is going to be a bit tougher for everyone. Some families won’t get to live out their family traditions, some people won’t get to see their friends, and this holiday season, in general, will be much quieter than last year. Being stuck at home with nothing to do is no fun, so why not binge watch some shows (or movies) instead of watching TikTok, or breaking social distancing guidelines?

If Anything Happens I Love You

If you want to get out some emotional stress from the upcoming finals, watch If Anything Happens I Love You. This short, 12-minute film does require a trigger warning, though, as it contains depictions of loss, tragedy, and a very small scene with a school shooting. I don’t want to spoil anything (because it’s so short), but if you plan to watch it, have a box of tissues ready to go.

The Good Place

If you want something lighthearted and funny to watch, definitely go for The Good Place. This show deals with a woman named Eleanor Shellstrop who wakes up in a place she doesn’t recognize, just to be told she’s dead. Eleanor is assured she’s in The Good Place, and that everything is fine, but to her, everything is far from fine. You see, she doesn’t think she belongs in The Good Place. She thinks she belongs in The Bad Place. This show has twists and turns, and hilarious characters. It’s definitely my favorite show on Netflix.

The Politician

For a more dramatic, and fast-paced show, my go-to would have to be The Politician. Ben Platt stars as high school senior, Payton Hobart. Payton decides to run for student body president, which sparks more campaign drama than ever expected. Not because he’s running for student body president, but because he plans to run for President of the United States. This show takes film to a whole new level. The colors, the set design, the actor choice, and the script: all of it put this show on my top three favorite Netflix shows. It’s very fast-paced, full of drama, love triangles, and high school secrets. But be warned, this is not a show for kids, as it depicts assassination attempts, a few inappropriate scenes, suicide, and general manipulative behavior. However, it is still an amazing show, and if you’re up for a rollercoaster of emotions, I’d give it a try.

The Great British Bake Off

This show is quite possibly one of the most wholesome shows on the platform. People of all different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities come together and bake on a once a year competition. They’re given three challenges: a signature bake, a technical, and a show-stopper. At the end of the show, someone is voted out. No hard feelings though, because at the end of every season, every contestant comes back on to say congratulations to the winner. All in all, it’s a very wholesome, happy show.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt

Follow Kimmy Schmitt, a not-so-average woman, on her journey to return to normal life. When Kimmy was just a girl, she was kidnapped, and taken into a cult where she was told that the world had ended and that she couldn’t go outside. She grew up in this society, with just a few girls, and a “reverend.” Finally, she was rescued: as a 29-year-old woman. Kimmy then decides that she hasn’t had time to live her life, so she moves to New York, and oh how times have changed. This show wraps you in and doesn’t let you go. Make sure you have plenty of time on your hands before you watch it, because you’ll just keep hitting the “Next Episode” button.

Tiger King

This documentary was all the rage during quarantine. Very dramatic, far fetched, and real drama about the illegal tiger trade and ownership in Oklahoma. Joe Exotic, and Carol Baskin both own tiger sanctuaries, and they both hate each other. This documentary isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for you, you’ll be watching it for days. The drama is almost addictive.