Klassen: Opportunities

I believe it’s fair to say that nobody planned their senior year to go the way it did, but with this time to reflect, I’ve come to the conclusion that my senior year has been the best year of my young life.

For multiple reasons, senior year is supposed to, and expected to be, “lit.” It’s your last time walking halls, playing in band, singing in choir, being a football player on a high school team.  It’s hardly a time to do an impulsive extra curricular, but that’s what I did. I marched right into the guidance counselors’ office and shoved Journalism into my schedule. I have both regretted this (as I thought this story was due three days later than it actually was) and loved this (all the fun times, inside jokes, and opportunities I’ve taken) decision for myself.

Through Journalism, I’ve gotten to open up a skill I forgot I had: writing. I’ve relearned my ability to convey information through my quick wit humor and personal style. I got to follow political candidates on the campaign trail this year, I’ve been able to go to different schools to review plays and musicals, and I have been able to get more involved with my school on a personal level. I once skimmed the school on an “only involved in my activities” level with a few friends to keep me sane. Journalism is a different activity altogether that weaves you into the school’s ecosystem, seeing all walks of life and telling THEIR stories. Journalism delivered me to my future school, Drake, through workshops and impulsive, last-minute visits (so other members of the group wouldn’t have to attend Algebra) that made me fall in love with the school altogether.

In terms of what I’ve learned, I’ve learned that I love to be a personality. I love to get attention and I love to be “on.” Previously, I always found this through live performance, but in the recognition of my writing in the towns of musicals I’ve reviewed, and through the “I saw you on the Friday Flash” in the hallway, I’ve found a similar feeling to that of the rush actors get before the bows. I used to watch the Friday Flash and say, “I’ll never be on that” because I never thought I’d be able to embrace a character for anything other than a few hours a night and in front of the entire school, (roll film of me embarrassing myself for the Friday Flash) but this year I’ve done so much to make me stick out. It really is a wonder how Journalism can help you in more areas than telling stories.

If you are someone who is reading these stories to see if you’d like it or not, just take the class. You will never have a class like this and you may never have an opportunity to take a class like this again. If you’re my blanket I left in the newsroom, I miss you and I love you. If you’re Mrs. Basinger, sorry this is late, please give me an A. Thank you to the school and to the Black& Redgister for all the memories, good, bad, and leprechaun.