From the Couch: Irreplaceable You (2018)


Photo by Olivia Klassen

Four out of five stars

This week, I watched Irreplaceable You on Netflix.

Irreplaceable You follows the story of two New Yorkers, Sam and Abbie, who have been best friends and lovers since childhood. They are engaged and trying to have a baby. When Abbie and Sam believe that they are pregnant, they find themselves in a doctor’s office to see if it’s true instead, they find out that what Abbie thought was a baby was actually very serious cancer and it is probably too late to save her. It becomes Abbie’s new mission to find Sam someone he can be with when she’s gone. Sam tries to find love in Abbie as she falls apart obsessing over almost everything but herself and Sam, but in the end, they find love in each other before Abbie dies.

Irreplaceable You is a traditional style rom-com that presents two perfectly happy people with an issue that is so serious their love is shaken and features small peaks of happiness in loveable side characters. The issue that shakes their love is an easy one- cancer. One thing I would have wanted from this rom-com is a bigger medical issue instead of the easy way out with cancer. Maybe instead of cancer, it could have been a lesser-known disease. All in all, I find the characters loveable, with a nice mix of big stars (Christopher Walken and SNL’s Kate McKinnon) and smaller stars  (Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Michiel Huisman) and the video quality stunning. I can recognize specific places from New York, but as a viewer, I know I’m in New York City. The one flaw I have with this movie is following the day to day of Abbie as she gets used to the fact that she is going to die, she gets more comfortable with it and as a result, the movie slow’s its pace. While I can understand the choices behind the cinematics, it gives the movie a slow section that I do not appreciate. In the end, I would watch this movie again and it has earned a sold 3 on my list of favorite rom-coms. I give it four out of five stars. If you are interested in watching, you can find Irreplaceable You on Netflix.