Review From The Students: The Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials


Photo by Grace Hatchitt

After watching the Super Bowl commercials, students voiced their opinions on which was the best of the best.

The Super Bowl isn’t just about who wins the big game or who is performing at the halftime show. It’s also about good commercials. Thanks to the students of ADM, the following were the best of 2020’s Super Bowl commercials.

#5: Google Assistant “Loretta”

A heartwarming commercial about a man remembering his life and time spent with the love of his life with the help of a google assistant.

A couple students were affected by this and really appreciated the heartwarming commercial.

One of these students was Hailey Buehlmann.

“It was heartfelt and super sweet and just put me in my feels,” she said.

#4: Planters “Tribute”

Mascots from other brands like Kool-Aid Man and Mr. Clean morn the death of Mr. Peanut, but something unexpected happens to brighten the day.

Some students liked these mascot cameos from other brands.

One of these students is Nick Blum.

“It’s funny because Wesley Snipes was in it and he was arrested for tax evasion,” he said.

#3 Jeep Gladiator “Groundhog Day”

Bill Murray is back with a different take on the movie Groundhog Day. Every day he takes the lastest model of the Jeep Gladiator and goes on adventures with the little groundhog.

Some of the students really liked the nod to the movie and enjoyed the humor Bill Murray created throughout the commercial.

One of those students was Lexi Claibourn.

“It was a playoff the old movie. It’s just great,” she said.

#2 Pringles “Rick and Morty”

Another day in the world of the tv show Rick and Morty, Rick and Summer are watching a Pringles commercial when Morty walks in and talks weirdly about the amazing flavors of Pringles.

Many students enjoyed this feature of Rick and Morty and the crazy world that this commercial takes place in.

One of those students was Tyler Seaholm.

“I love the show normally and seeing it in the Super Bowl was really awesome. I also was caught off guard by it as well and made me laugh a little bit,” he said.

#1 Doritos “The Cool Ranch”

A dance-off between Lil Nas X and Sam Eliot takes place as they battle to see who is the coolest cowboy in the Wild West.

Many students loved the dance battle between an American singer and an American actor.

One of these students was Celia Kreifels.

“It was hilarious and it mixed both tv and song as well as 2 different types of people,” she said.

Another response was from Gwyneth Schmidt and she said, “I think it was because there was [sic] people that we knew in it so we were able to see them in a different setting!”


Overall, the commercials are something some people look forward to and enjoy during the Super Bowl as they stand by the snack table and munch on the mountains of food. The question is, are the big game commercials getting better or worse?