Playstation 5

Is it Worth the Money?


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The Playstation 5, only seemed like yesterday that the PS4 was just coming out with all-new gadgets and technology. Since the launch of the original Playstation back on December 3rd, 1994, Sony has been upping its game against Xbox with the releases of the PS2 (which still stands as the best selling console of all time) and the PS3 and PS4. With the Xbox Series X expected in late 2020, Sony claps back with the PS5 expected holiday 2020. But the real question is, is it really worth buying the newest installment of Sony’s hottest product. Well, there are many points of view on this. For those who are Xbox supporters, disregard this and go play Halo. For those who have been Playstation supporters since the beginning, it is kind of a decision and the reason I say that is you may have all if not one of the PS line (I own the PS2 and PS4) so it is kind of a choice to keep upgrading or just satisfy your needs with old titles. But for those who are first starting out and are eyeing this puppy for their first console, I say do it.

The reason why the PS5 is a must is that as consoles evolve and continue to evolve, so does games and the premise behind a console is for the games. When the PS4 came out, they had what they call PS4 exclusives which are games that are only available for the Playstation 4. Now given Xbox also has Xbox exclusive games but games like Spider-Man PS4, God of War, and  Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End are all fan favorites that are only able to be played on Playstation. Now since the PS5 will be coming, those games will also be able to be played on that console along with any sequel games that follow up to their predecessors. Another reason why the PS5 is worth the money is that along with new upcoming games, PS5 will have backward compatibility which will allow players to play games from past consoles through PS Now. It has recently been on PS4 but it will continue onto the PS5 where they will continue to improve the system.

Though the price and release have not been released yet besides it being said to be released holiday 2020, Sony is pushing the PS5 to be the best and most powerful gaming console to be released, and I truly believe it because of the how much secrecy that surrounds the console. So I say it is worth the money because not only have I been a Playstation fan but it has continuously produced games that catch my attention and make me come back for more. But that’s just me, at the end of the day it comes down to the gamers decision. So I ask what’s in your wallet?