Hatchitt: Top 5 Tips for Auditioning for High School Plays

Helpful tips and tricks from your fellow Thespians

By using the tips that are suggested by Sean Whiston, Averi Brady, Jakob Zwank, Sarena Gibson, and I you could be a part of the next ADM theater cast.

Photo by Grace Hatchitt

By using the tips that are suggested by Sean Whiston, Averi Brady, Jakob Zwank, Sarena Gibson, and I you could be a part of the next ADM theater cast.

I bet you think I’m crazy when I say you should audition for the next play, or maybe you are needing some tips so you can perform the best you can in that audition. First thing’s first, you should know what to expect at auditions.

At auditions, you perform with the group you signed up with. This isn’t a huge group, it’s a small group made up of 6 or more people. During auditions, you do a warm-up activity just so you can get your jitters out, and the director can see how your improvisation skills are. Then you each take turns performing a line from the play (you don’t get this beforehand, so you see this for the first time). Lastly, you do a cold reading with your group to test how you are with performing lines in a group. This may not be every audition, but from experience, this is what you can typically expect from an audition.

Honestly, it shouldn’t be the most difficult thing you would do. Everyone gets nervous or needs those few extra tips. When I needed some pointers on how to do my best, I went to the experts and even the director. Lucky for you, I did that just for you; all you have to do is read on.

Tips From Yours Truly (Thespian member)

What I have learned from auditioning is that you need to be loud and outgoing. If that’s not you, fake it until you make it. When you are performing you have to play a different person or role, so during auditions act like a braver version of you.

A really important thing you need to is to not be nervous. I know you’re thinking “wow this totally helps” but seriously, if you treat this like it isn’t a big deal, then it’s not a big deal. Take some deep breaths and just focus on what you are going to say, not how everything could go wrong.

Tips From Sean Whiston (Thespian President)

“Stay calm. Breathe and think what the director is looking for. Use the full range of your acting skill to show what you can do.”

“Don’t be timid and don’t be overconfident. Just be normal.”

“Also don’t be nervous, the more nervous you are the worse you will feel. Also just have fun!”

“The most important part of the audition is when given feedback and then using that feedback. Always use the feedback the director has given you.”

Tips From Averi Brady (Thespian member)

“Be confident-fake it till you make it even if you don’t feel confident. Also, try to be as realistic as you can-don’t overact.”

Tips From Jakob Zwank (Thespian member)

“I act like I don’t care so I don’t get nervous.”

“Act like you don’t care so you are more in character and so you can be yourself.”

Tips From Sarena Gibson (Thespian member)

“I try to hype myself before I walk in so I can be confident. Also, think about what the director is looking for.”

No matter what you do or take away from this, just try your greatest. The best thing you could do is to believe in yourself. If you can do that, then you’ll do great, even if you don’t score that role. Be proud of what you did and what you can accomplish.