December Wrestling Athlete of the Month: Kaden Sutton


Photo by Cameron While

Kaden Sutton works hard in class, mentally preparing for his meet tonight. He said, ¨It teaches you be tough and work hard.¨

Kaden Sutton is a senior and has been wrestling since he could remember, to be exact since Kindergarten. He is the son of Amy and Dave Sutton.

Being an Athlete of the Month means a lot to Sutton. He said ¨It shows all my hard work is paying off.¨ Sutton thinks he´s been honored because people have seen his hard work and nominated him.

He loves the sport of wrestling because it teaches you to be tough and work hard. If you want to see Sutton In action come out at 5:30 tonight to watch the wrestling meet.

In recognition of his achievements, the Adel Health Mart has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Fund.