Football Player of Week Four: Trevor Smith


Photo by Max Weesner

Trevor Smith is your Football Player of Week Four. Trevor is the son of Amber and Jeremiah Smith and is in his Senior year of high school. He has participated in Football since third grade and has continued to grind through whatever has been thrown at him on his journey. When asked what he loved about Football, Smith had this to say: “I love the intensity it brings out for me and the rest of my teammates, but it also brings a sort of brotherhood that no other sport has. Everyone gets so close to each other as if you were born together.”

“It’s a special moment and it means a lot because I’m being selected and honored for something I’ve worked so hard in and am so passionate about. This sport is a big part of me and my life.” Smith said when asked what it means to be an athlete of the week.

“I think I’ve been honored because I go 100% every time I get on the field and I work my hardest to achieve my goals and to make sure I’m doing my part on the team.” For Trevor Smith’s hard work, Fuller Standard Service has donated $50 to ADM Scholarship.