Ahrens: My Year of Yes

I signed up for journalism on a whim. I was finishing my first year of high school when I got a invitation to join journalism as a sophomore. I can’t remember why I wanted to sign up, I just remember this pull towards signing up. So, I walked into the Counseling Office and told them I wanted to be in the journalism class. This was the beginning of a year were I pushed myself to do things I would have never been comfortable with. My own year of yes.

I am generally a reserved person. I stick with things that are “safe” and I don’t push myself. Journalism changed that for me. In journalism you have to interview people, record yourself and sometimes write opinionated pieces. All of these are things I would never have done or wanted to do. This all changed in News.

At the beginning of the year, I was terrified to do interviews and record myself for the Friday Flash. I had to push myself and dive into the deep end. I did my first interview and it wasn’t anything like I expected. I learned that I loved to investigate and learn about other people. In journalism you have the opportunity to learn lots of amazing things about the people you see every day and to do this you have to talk to people.

I was the only sophomore on the Black and Redgister News staff this year. At the beginning of the year I was worried no one would take me as a journalist seriously. But, once I walked into the news room I knew that this wouldn’t be a problem. When I joined News I was no longer a sophomore, I was a journalist. No one cared about my age. I was valued for my opinions and personality. This was one of the classes were I felt that I could truly be myself, something I rarely do at school. Because I was comfortable in this class, I was able to push myself and grow in a way I didn’t think was possible. I am able to be a leader and go after stories. While this is a class and you do learn technical journalistic skills, you learn more about yourself.

Because of journalism I am a more outgoing person, I am more curious and more willing to share my opinion. I will forever be greatful for my year in journalism and all the amazing memories I have made with the people on the news staff. Thank you to everyone in my class, Mrs. Basinger and all of ADM for helping me to grow.