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Throughout my 2018-2019 school year, I experienced school as a journalist. I had originally put Journalism into my schedule only because my friends had told me to take the class with them. I don’t regret taking this class, because throughout the year I have learned skills that I can’t gain in any other class. I’ve learned how to conduct a proper interview, write a good story and keep up to date with news in our community and around the world.

My advice to future journalists is to not be afraid to talk to new people. Everyone has a story to tell if you reach out to them. One of the biggest set backs in writing our stories is being afraid to reach out to new people and get the whole story. A big part of getting the whole story is knowing what questions to ask. Have fun with the stories you write and choose topics that interest you and others in your school.

One of the best parts of this class is creating the Friday Flash! In the Friday Flash, we’re able to branch out and do fun topics that make others laugh for the school to watch. We provide news about what’s happening around school and what people are doing in a fun way.

This class helped me make new friends and learn more about the people in our school. Our Journalism team learned how to work together and create interesting stories while still making it fun.

“There’s a story there.”