Moyer: Who Wants To Live Stream?

When I signed up for News Journalism, I signed up for it because my friends were and because I thought all you did was make the Friday Flash.

But I was wrong and I am very glad that I was wrong.

I learned so much in one year of taking this class, I learned about good photos and how they can tell a story. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and interview people I never thought I would talk to. I was pushed to write stories that people around the world would read. But over all of that, I learned how to work as a team and work as a staff to get stuff done and tell so many different stories that people need to hear.

Over the year, I have started watching and paying more attention to the news to keep up on current events. I also attended events that I wouldn’t usually to live stream and live tweet and take pictures. I felt like a big deal this year because of my awesome press pass.

This class makes your creativity grow and your story writing ability better. You learn how to get stories done soon and to publish them fast so your readers stay informed. And you learn to tell so many different stories–from the best rides at Disney World to the story of one person in the hallway.

The friends I have made in this class will stay with me for a long time and I am so happy I got to know each and every person in this class. I am also so thankful for Mrs. Basinger for teaching me so much from how to take a good photo to how to interview someone professionally. This class was my favorite and I will keep these memories forever like Alisher dressing up as Santa and not knowing where his presents were and Tea Time with Steven and the entire team going outside to blow an air horn at a car to recreate a Vine. Nothing is better than News Journalism class!

Everyone open up your schedule and now for the dreaded question, “Who wants to live stream?”