Croushore: The Class That Will Surprise You

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Taking News Journalism was a random choice. Now, my sister and cousin were both in this class, but it didn’t seem like a class I’d enjoy taking.

I was so wrong.

News Journalism teaches you things that you’d never think. It teaches you to be brave, it teaches you to branch out, it teaches you to be unique, heck it even teaches you how to be the best version of you that you can, and brings out qualities that you didn’t even know you had inside yourself. News Journalism is an English class, but it’s also leadership, it’s peer friends, it’s physics, and even math. Your life and future will change, by one little class. You will make lifelong friends, and meet so many people, because of telling a story.

News Journalism, and more specifically Beth Basinger, taught me so many things about life, and myself and I truly would never be able to repay them. I have grown, matured, branched out, laughed, cried, smiled, frowned, growled, every thing you could think of in this room. This class changed me, in the best ways. Without this class, I wouldn’t have made it throughout my days. I looked forward to this class, every single school day. Fourth period, the class that doesn’t feel like a class. Where I got to hang with my friends, eat food, play games, tell stories, and I guess occasionally write stories ;).

News Journalism is a class that every single person needs to take. Whether you think you’re a writer or not. This class is so much more than an English class, and will teach you lessons you’ll need for the rest of your life.

If you have even the slightest pull towards News, go to the counselor’s center and put it on your schedule, because I promise you, you will not regret it.

See ya next time ADM, and my fellow journalists, be sure to watch for stories.

Beth Basinger, thank you for always believing in me and showing me that I’m better than I think. Thank you for having hope in all of us. I will never forget you and all the things you taught me about not only English, but myself and my confidence. I will always remember this class, and you.


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