Baier: “There’s A Story There”

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Everybody, everywhere comes from somewhere and a couple somebodies.  Life is lived every day. Things happen, people change, and life still marches on.  That’s only the beginning of it though, and its hardly never the end.

There is a story behind everyone getting to the point in time that we as journalists feel is worthy of recognition, acknowledgement and telling.  And we as journalists have it in our full power to choose whose story we tell the world and in what way we tell it.  Being a journalist is a lot more than writing stories, taking pictures and being informed on the latest things happening currently.  To be a true journalist is to discover real raw emotions that individuals feel, unveiling passions they might have, and allowing the readers/ viewers to step into lives of individuals whom they might not have the chance to interact with themselves.

The best part about being a journalist?

The interactions we are able to encounter as we tell the story of the things that make up our current world.

The constant curiosity and connection that we are required to embody as we try to find meaningful work that the world can connect with.

And, being the medium that the individuals that make up our world can connect with people.

It feels good to create content that people can connect with, find endearing, or can laugh at.  We as humans weren’t created to live monotonous lives full of minimal interactions, few laughs, and seldom smiles.  We were created for something much more, connection, a sense of belonging, and a sense of purpose way beyond ourselves.

It was a privilege to serve on the News and Journalism staff at ADM, and to tell the stories of the people within our school district.  I can now look beyond the people I see in front of me, and I notice the stories behind each individual- what makes them unique, and why everyone deserves a little more patience and a little more grace.

So, to the news staff of 2019-2020, keep creating, and as Mrs. Basinger always says, “There’s a story there.”



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