Black & (Red)gister

  • Choir Pops concert Friday February 23rd @ 7p.m. in the auditorium.

  • Don't forget to sign up for the LifeServe Blood Drive March 2nd!

  • Early dismissal Wednesday the 21st!

  • Congrats Andrew Flora for winning State Wrestling 2A!

  • Wednesday February 21st early out!

  • Boys' high school soccer preseason meeting will be Sunday the 21st at 12:30pm in ADM's 6/8 commons

  • Soccer sign ups will be available in the office until Friday the 19th

  • Boys and girls basketball game home this Friday the 19th!

Racquel Gonzalez
My name is Racquel Gonzalez. I am a senior at ADM High School. This is my first year being involved in News Journalism; I decided to take it my last year because reporting, interviewing, and writing for ADM is a perfect way to get involved with the student body, activities, and events taking place here. I am more of a reader than a writer but this class is a perfect excuse to improve and better myself in that field. Two goals of mine this year in News Journalism are to learn to love writing instead of viewing it as a chore like I have in the past because of essays. My second goal is to immerse myself into my assignments and participate in all things ADM as much as I can. Follow me on twitter if you’d like: @mynameisrocky_

Racquel Gonzalez, Reporter

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