Annelise’s Top Picks for January


Lilac St. Lashes:

I have been using Lilac St. DIY lash extensions since August and LOVE them. I enjoy the look of lash extensions, but hated the price. There are a few different companies that sell lash DIY lash extensions, but when I looked into them Lilac St. looked the most durable and affordable.

Olive and June Fake Nails:

Again, I love the look of acrylics, but hate the price. Having my nails done makes me feel very put together, but spending $40 on a new set every 3 weeks makes me feel broke. Olive and June nails are glue on but last for about a week and a half and look exactly like acrylics.

Quakers gluten free cheese crackers:

I have been gluten-free for about a year and a half. The one food I CRAVE like no other are cheeze-its and goldfish. These crackers are the closest tasting thing that I can find. They also come in a very cute duck shape.

T3 hair straightener:

I recently got a T3 hair straightener for Christmas and I love it. I have researched lots of brands beforehand and this one had lots of good reviews. It does minimal damage to your hair and leaves it silky and straight.

Cooking with a cookbook:

I eat gluten- free so baking and cooking get a little tricky. I bought a gluten free cook book and love baking with it even more than just a regular recipe.


One of my favorite quotes for our Editor-In-Chief, Delaney, is “The Kreifels girls love Canva. I swear anytime I see one of you you’re on Canva.” This is so true. Canva is a graphic design company that offers TONS of free presentation, Infographic, and Instagram post templates.


Babysitting is a great job or those who are looking to make money on the weekends. Some places offer red cross CPR and choking protocol if you want to extra prepared. Usually parents are willing to pay $20-$15 dollars per hour.

Hey Nuts Amazon Leggings:

These leggings are dupes for the Lululemon Align leggings. They are super soft and look identical to the real thing.

Cozi Family Calendar App:

My family started using this app a few years ago and it has helped tremendously with organization. There are groceries lists on the app that way when you run out of something, you can easily add it to the groceries list. It is color coordinated based on the family member and has an option for all familys.