Annelise’s Top Picks for November

Annelises Top Picks for November

When you first see this article you may be asking yourself… why should I listen to what she likes? Now that completely up to you, but this is a list of some of the things that have brought me joy throughout the month of November.


  • Toning your hair:

Toning your hair is a great way to switch up your hairstyle on a budget. At the local hair place, Studio 10, it ranges from $20-$30. Toning can help cancel out tones that you don’t particularly want in your appearance. This can help blondes cancel out the yellow or orange tints in their hair to make it an icy cool toned blonde. For this this was the case, even though I am not currently blonde I was able to cancel out the warmer tones in my hair and take it a few shades darker.


  • Cups with straws:

I am a person that could go an entire day without drinking water just because I forgot. If I do not have easy access to water that is right in front of me I will not be drinkin. Having something right in front of me that I am constantly looking at and carrying helps me be conscious of  making sure I drink enough water for the day. If you are also a person that forgets to drink water throughout the day I would highly recommend getting yourself a water bottle with a straw.


  • Small notes of appreciation:

This is a very simple things that you can do to brighten someone’s day. Yes Celia, this is a shoutout to you! I got left a small note that just let me know that she was “rooting for me” and it brought me a little bit of joy. I have not taken it off my computer and it reminds me why I do what I do each day.


  • Buff City Soap Body Butter:

Let me tell you, I have the oatmeal honey scented body butter and it smells exactly like warm sugar cookies. This is the best smelling thing I have ever used. It melts into your hands and goes on similar to a thick oil. If you do not like REALLY thick lotions I would not recommend as this is one of the thickest I’ve ever used.


  • Tacos

I recently went to Blue Agave and had the chipotle chicken tacos and they were some of the best I’ve ever had. This means a lot from someone who’s favorite food is tacos. They include the chipotle chicken, purple cabbage, Pico de Gallo, Lime, and the chipotle sauce on top. They come with three tacos for $14 and make a great midnight snack.


  • FNL:

I am very much not looking forward to when I do not have a football game to go to on Friday’s. Dressing up for the theme is one of the best parts. My favorite theme so far this season has been the inmate theme. I loved throwing on some orange pants and covering my face and neck in temporary tattoos. Personally I think that EVERYONE should dress up for all sports games.


  • Jet Fuel from Hyper

My Hyper order is a medium Jet Fuel. The Jet Fuel is a combination of mango, watermelon, and peach. I refuse to try anything else because the Jet Fuel is perfect in every way and I will never find something better.