October 2022 Football Player of the Game Week 9: Grant Engleman


Photo by Addi Herrick

Football week 9 player of the game is Grant Engleman. Engleman is a 10th grader here at ADM and is the son of Mark and Brenda Engleman. He has been recognized for the part he played against Saydel and has been playing football since 3rd grade.

When asked what he loves about playing football he responded with, “Tackling people.” He appreciates the physical commitment that the game takes and enjoys being able to play a part in a team. He states that being named player of the game for week 9 means a lot to him because it proves that people are noticing him and the hard work he has put in this season. Engleman thinks that he has been honored this week because he played well and had a good game.

In recognition of his achievements, Fuller Standard Service, Inc. has donated $50 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.