Weird Food Combos

We all have that food combo that seems weird at first but until you try it, it is the best thing ever. Mine being pickles and Reddi Wip, it may sound bad but it’s an odd but good taste of flavor. Another simple food combo could be salty chips and dark chocolate, but they aren’t always that simple. Alonzo Lerone is a man from Youtube and some of his videos are him trying food combos from comment sections, and it can be some of the wildest things ever. So I went and asked some of my friends for their weird food combos.

David, a good friend of mine said that pumpkin pie and mustard was a weird food combo he enjoyed. He found out this because of his brother on Thanksgiving. They were fighting about the last piece of pie so his brother put mustard on it to claim it as his. David only tried it because he didn’t have a piece of pie yet and wanted some and went ahead and just ate it. To him it tasted like a sweet and pungent taste because of “the warm mustard.”

Someone else I know overheard me talking about food combos and he said peanut butter and cheese. His name is Titan and he told this to me out of nowhere and I thought it was an odd combo. He made it up because he was just bored one day and thought why not try it, but he also did it because he used to dip string cheese into peanut butter. He said that it kind of tasted like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. When I asked him why it tasted like Reese’s, he said “it’s just an odd similar taste to it.” It’s a snack he likes but not something he’ll go out of his way to get, and he recommends people to try it.

I bet there are far worse combos out there that get weirder and weirder but these two I thought were interesting because of the way they happen to try the combo. To be honest, I think I’m going to have to try there combos at some point just to see if they’re really that goo., I’m just not sure about pumpkin pie and mustard, that’s the one I think I’ll struggle to try the most. But for now, what’s your weird food combo?