Not the Easter You Know: How To Celebrate Georgian-Style

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Not the Easter You Know: How To Celebrate Georgian-Style

Sophio Davitidze, Reporter

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32c11e4a40c02897666a32373bbb692a People never new that Easter, which is one of the biggest Christian holidays, could be different in some other countries. Preparing for Easter in the Republic of Georgia starts seven weeks before Easter, that’s when some people start particularly hard fasting. People plant green wheat grass, which represents new life, on flat plates two weeks before Easter, which represents new life.

paskeeggPreparation for the celebration of Easter starts on Good Friday, with dying eggs red and baking Easter bread, called paska. Red eggs symbolize the blood of Christ. The choice of red also represents the color of life and victory. They are placed on green wheat grass, which symbolizes new life, resurrection and eternity. On Saturday evening, before Easter people take red eggs and Easter bread to the church for blessing and after midnight they eat Easter bread and crack the eggs. While cracking eggs one person holds an Easter egg and another person hits it with their own.  The owner of the egg which cracks has to eat their egg.  The person who ends up with the last unbroken egg is believed to have a year of good luck.
Tips for getting to know different culture and making Easter be like no other ones before:
jejili2First of all, green wheat grass.

Wash one pound of wheat and put warm water on top of it.  Leave for a night.

Pour out the water in the morning, wash it again and put in a warm place and leave for 24 hours.

Rinse the water again the next day, spread the tray 1-1.5 cm in thickness. Put the tray in the warm place. It will will grow more quickly.

Note: The wheat that’s growing on the tray does not need watering. Only sprinkle water in the morning and evening, so as not to dry it out.


For dying Easter eggs naturally use fresh eggs, red onion sheets, half a cup of vinegar and one tablespoon.

The first step:

Before boiling, put in the eggs in cold water and leave for 15 minutes.

Step Two:

Cook red onion sheets for about half an hour by boiling them in enough water to use later for boiling the eggs.

Step Three:

Put eggs in the boiled but cooled down red onion water and cook them on medium heat. While boiling put half a cup of vinegar and one tablespoon salt in. Boil for 15-20 minutes; the eggs will be ready.  Throw out the used red onion.

To make eggs shiny,  clean them one by one with an oily cloth.