Evans: High School

High School. From the moment you walk in those doors freshman year, your journey begins. They always tell you that it will fly by and at first you’ll brush it off. Then all of a sudden you are closer to the end than ever before. The future is coming at full speed and it’s scary. We’ll never forget these four years and we can fill them with so many memories and friendships. It just takes a few simple choices and a couple of steps out of our comfort zones. For some, it may be going out for a new sport or taking a chance in the world of arts. Something that has been monumental for me was joining the News staff. When I was an underclassman, joining News or Yearbook was something that really appealed to me and I am thankful that I did. It has allowed me to become closer to people that I wouldn’t necessarily hang out with. Being a student journalist has taught me many different things but one that stands out is that we all have the ability to make a difference in the world if we simply put forth the effort. This year I’ve learned how to conduct a quality interview and how to build questions with a structure that will receive the best answers. I’ve learned the importance of deadlines, and believe me that was a little bit of a struggle at first. Now I value the work time we are given and use it to put forth my best work. Being on the News staff has taught me how to connect with people and showed me skills that I will carry with me through the years ahead and whatever I may do beyond these four walls called high school.