Patel: Finding Myself


Photo by Paige Jansen

Thank you, News staff 2020-2021, for being there for me and pushing me everyday. I will miss you guys. Bottom-to-Top: Paige Jansen (12), Lauren Brady (11), Christine Aukes (11), Haley Gonzalez (11), Sean Whitson (12), Brookelyn Evans (11), Kashish Patel (12), Dominic Gardener (11), Aaron Teckemburg (12)

I never really thought that I would ever be a part of the school News staff but somehow last year watching the Friday Flashes really connected to me and I was drawn to the News staff. But I had no one thing in me that matched the traits of a good journalist. I was the most introverted person you would ever meet. I didn’t like talking to people other than my closest friends. Being a part of the News staff pushed me out of my comfort zone and I found a side of me that I had never met before.


Since a young age, I was never really into news or the happenings of the world. I liked to live in a bubble that I had formed for myself. My bubble was made of things that made me feel secure, happy, and relaxed. But I wasn’t pushing myself to be better, I was only settling to be an average person.  Then, how did I make the decision to be on the News Staff? 


The decision itself was not hard to make, but I spent a lot of time pondering on whether I should be a part of the News staff or not. What made me decide that I wanted to be a part of the News staff were the people on the staff. I had heard a lot about how the News staff is like a family and they love to support each other in everything. 


While being in News, I met so many new and interesting people that I wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for News. Although, News was nerve-wracking and scary at first, after the first day I really enjoyed it because it is a class that allows me to work at my own pace. News helped me discover a new passion and hobby. I realized how much I liked writing stories and reading about the world and how it affects me and everyone around me. I learned how to portray my thoughts through words. 


On the first day of News, I knew only one person on the staff, but after spending almost a year with them I have formed a special bond with each one of the staff members. I am really grateful that I got to be a part of this amazing staff. I have made so many great memories that I will cherish forever. I can never ever forget this staff because they pushed me to be a better person and a better journalist. These people have made me laugh more than I ever have. Now they make me cry more than I ever have. 


Writing all the stories, doing all the interviews, and stepping out of my comfort zone was all worth it. I am thankful for all the special moments that have left an everlasting imprint on my life. I am thankful that I was able to be a part of the NewsNews staff.