May Teacher of the Month: Mr Perman


Photo by Natalie Mack

Goofy photo of Mr. Perman outside of his classroom.

The 2020-2021 school year was Mr. Perman’s first of many at ADM and overall. He has alligated his time between the high school and DeSoto-Intermediate, finishing the day in his classroom in the 200 hallway teaching History.

Unfortunately Mr. Perman does not have a passion for History, but he does for teaching and influencing young minds. He has made quite an impact on our ADM students and will continue to do so.

“I love teaching because you can tell when you really connect with a student. Watching them grow as learners is a blessing,” says May’s Teacher of the Month.

Mr. Perman spent his student-teaching time at Eastview Middle School and attended the University of Iowa majoring in, you guessed it, Social Studies Education. Fresh out of college, he came straight to ADM to influence our students teaching World History.