Liv Rickert: Athlete of the Month


Photo by Heather Schroeder Photography

ADM Senior Golfer Liv Rickert at River Valley Golf Course.

Liv Rickert, the daughter of Clay and Gretchen Rickert, is an ADM senior golfer who is being recognized for Athlete of the Month. After four years of commitment to golf, Liv has found a sport she loves very much. She has been on the team and in a ADM polo since her freshman year.

When asked what she loved about her sport, Rickert replied, “I love golf because the team atmosphere at ADM is awesome. Everyone cheers each other on and at the end of the day, you’re not only competing for yourself but for the team too. I’ve made so many friends on the golf course, and it’s something I can continue to do for the rest if my life that I genuinely enjoy.”

Liv believes that golf does not get appreciated as much as other sports, which is why it is such an honor for her to be recognized as March’s Athlete of the Month. Golf is something she has had to learn these past few years so this recognition just demonstrates all the hard work and passion she has put into the sport.

Being one of the only two seniors on the team this year, Liv had helped lead the team on and off the course. She has a lot of fun and tries to encourage others to do the same.