2021 Prom Updates


Photo by Prom Committee

2021 Prom is going to be a new experience for all, though, the Prom committee is working hard to make Prom as entertaining as it has been in the past. The theme for Prom this year is “A Whole New World,” so plan your dresses accordingly!

This past year has looked very different for the students of ADM. From wearing masks to socially distancing, students are required to follow the mitigation measures to ensure safety. Students have not been able to enjoy the school year as they have in the past. Although, Homecoming and other school events were held the enthusiasm among the people was very low due to all the differences. This sort of limited the things students could do to have a good time. However, now there is something that students can look forward to, Prom. Yes, prom is happening at ADM with all of the safety precautions. 

It is going to look a bit different than in the past years. One of the things that are going to happen differently is that tentatively Prom will be held in the North Parking lot of the school if weather permits. More details regarding this will be given out when the date comes closer. Only Juniors and Seniors are allowed to attend the event, though, their dates can be underclassmen or of other schools. Senior Anna West quoted, “I’m glad we can still have a prom for sure. 

The grand march will not happen this year as it causes more people to attend. In place of the grand march, there will be a red carpet for the students as they enter the school. This will be live-streamed on the ADM Events Youtube page. “I’m a little disappointed it can’t be a traditional one with the grand march and everything. I’m definitely going though,” said West. 

One thing to keep in mind while planning for prom is that everyone will be required to have masks on throughout the night. To make this more interesting, we recommend that you coordinate your masks with your outfits. 

There are no further updates about after-prom as of now but stay tuned to the BlackandRedgister to know more. Prom will definitely be a different experience for ADM students. Still, the prom committee is working hard to ensure that the students are able to enjoy prom to the fullest.