Adel Decides to Extend Free Lunch


Diana Booth stands by Adel’s free breakfast.

Have you or your student been enjoying the free school lunches? Are you sad that they’re going back up to full price in December? Look no further because, as of October 16th, the meals will continue to be free until September of next year.

Meet Jason Brand, Adel’s Food Service Director. Brand has been working in food service for 20 years, and started working at ADM on August 1, 2019. He was ultimately in charge of deciding whether or not the school should accept the decision to continue the free meals. The original message for extending the meal program came from the United States Department of Agriculture, and then went to the Iowa Department of Education. From there, the message went straight to Brand to get approved. Brand says he is “100% in favor” of students getting to eat free during this tough time. It helps all children, and it gets the stress off of parents while Covid-19 is going on.

Having free lunches “streamlines the process” Brand says. It helps get students through the lines faster, and it helps to eliminate stress. Students and parents have had troubles in the past worrying about the amount of money in a child’s school account. It can be a hassle, so the Department of Agriculture decided to help reduce the stress of Covid-19 by making school lunches free until September of next year. Jordan Chapman, junior, typically eats lunch through the school’s lunch program. He is happy that the program is being extended because it’s so much easier not to worry about keeping his account positive.

The addition of free lunches takes something away from students’ mental plates, while adding to their physical plates instead. This decision was all thanks to our Food Service Director, Jason Brand.